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18 Found
1   Conceptual Art -- See Also the narrower term Artists' books
Here are entered books which are produced by artists and intended as visual art objects, and general works about such books. Works about such books produced in a particular place are entered under this heading with local subdivision. Works about books richly illustrated with original prints by well known artists and published in limited editions are entered under Artists' illustrated books.
2 Conceptual Art   9
3 Conceptual Art Brazil : Buchmann, Sabeth.  2013 1
4 Conceptual Art England : Goldsworthy, Andy,  1999 1
5 Conceptual Art Exhibitions : Lewitt, Sol,  2000 1
6 Conceptual Art Russia Federation Moscow : Esanu, Octavian.  2013 1
7 Conceptual Art Themes Motives : Terranova, Charissa N.  2014 1
8 Conceptual Art United States   3
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