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Num Mark Subjects (1-10 of 10) Year Entries
25 Found
1   Electronic Instruments -- 6 Related Subjects   6
2 Electronic Instruments   9
3 Electronic Instruments Automatic Control : Sheel, S.,  2014 1
4 Electronic Instruments Calibration Standards United States : Field, Bruce F.  1988 1
5 Electronic Instruments Catalogs   2
6 Electronic Instruments Design And Construction   2
7 Electronic Instruments Design And Construction Handbooks Manuals Etc   1979 1
8   Electronic Instruments Digital -- See Also the narrower term Digital counters
Here are entered works on mechanical, electromechanical or electronic discrete-state counting devices operating on any given number base, consisting of any combination of sensing, accumulating and readout elements, and being used as components in meters, automata and control systems. Works on manual or other counters for arithmetic processes are entered under the specific name, e.g. Abacus, or under the subject, Mathematical instruments. Works on devices which detect and measure radiation are entered under Nuclear counters or the specific name, e.g. Scintillation counters.
9 Electronic Instruments Digital   2011 1
10 Electronic Instruments Testing : Kularatna, Nihal.  2003 1
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