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Effect of pH, DIC, orthophosphate, and sulfate on drinking water cuprosolvency [electronic resource] : Schock, Michael R.  1995 1
The effect of pH on antibiotic inhibition of bacterial growth : Martin, Edward L.  1983 1
effect of pharmacotherapy on the effectiveness of exposure therapy   2007 1
The effect of physical conditioning on an individual before and after suffering a myocardial infarct : Naughton, John,  1964 1
Your entry Effect of physical conditioning on an individual before and after suffering a myocardial infraction would be here
Effect of policies on pellet production and forests in the U.S. South : a technical document support : Abt, Karen Lee,  2014 1
The effect of poliomyelitis virus on human brain cells in tissue culture : Hogue, Mary Jane.  1955 1
The effect of presenter status on counseling theory preferences of naive raters : Hennen, Gregory T.  1988 1
Effect of president's FY 2012 budget and legislative proposals for the Bureau of Land Management and : United States.  2011 1
Effect of preslaughter feeding and resting of transported swine on quality of pork products   1961 1
Effect of prestain on the release rate of copper, chromium, and arsenic from western hemlock : Lebow, Stan T.  1999 1
Effect of probiotic administration in children ... annual report [electronic resource].   2008 1
The effect of progesterone and diethylstilbestrol injected singly or in combination on sexual libido : Herrick, R. B.  1956 1
Effect of prolonged exhibition of diethylstilbestrol on plasma and tissue lipids in the chick   2
The effect of prolonged treatment with mercazole (1-methyl-2-mercapto-imidazole) on the thyroid in r : Krusius, F. E.  1962 1
Effect of proposed rule's extra cleanup requirements is uncertain : United States.  2000 1
The effect of propylthiouracil and thyroid-stimulating hormone on the survival of rat thyroid cells : Speight, J. W.  1968 1
Effect of propylthiouracil on preference threshold of rats for NaCI solutions : Fregly, Melvin J.  1965 1
Effect of radiant energy on the skin temperatures of a group of steel workers : Bloomfield, J. J.  1930 1
effect of regulation on liability and preemption : Anderson, James M.,  2014 1
The effect of research and development on U.S. market structure : Scahill, Edward M.,  1985 1
effect of rhetoric on competitive advantage knowledge rhetoric and resource based theory   2006 1
The effect of ryanodine on the development and respiration of amphibian embryos : Bodenstein, Dietrich,  1950 1
Effect of Sb on the properties of GalnP top cells [electronic resource]   2
The effect of school type on the domain-specific self-concept and global self esteem of early adoles : May, Dale Reese.  2005 1
effect of science on social institutions   1975 1
The effect of secession upon the commercial relations between the North and South [microform] : and : Lord, Daniel,  1970 1
Effect of selected catalysts and solvents on the reaction with some aromatic compounds. : Zuech, Ernest A.  1956 1
The effect of selenophen poisoning upon the golgi apparatus in the liver cells of the mouse : Tarao, Siro.  1953 1
The effect of senility on skeletal muscles in the mouse : Rowe, R. W. D.  1969 1
effect of shared participation in novel and challenging activities on experienced relationship quali   2006 1
The effect of simplified reporting on food stamp payment accuracy [electronic resource].   2005 1
Effect of small frequency changes on the radiation patterns of MF (AM) directional antennas [electro : Stewart, A. C.  1980 1
The effect of smoking cigarettes on the peripheral blood flow : Evans, Willis F.  1943 1
The effect of sodium l-thyroxine on the slow muscle fiber : Oomura, Yutaka.  1963 1
Effect of sodium metaborate on Drosophila melanogaster : Akins, William Dennis.  1984 1
Effect of solution transition on steering the sales force : for new marketing and sales metrics : Schnerrer, Julien,  2014 1
The Effect of some enzymes on the J-substance of bovine serum : Chank, Vichit.  1975 1
Effect of startle stimuli on performance : Vlasak, M.  1969 1
The effect of starvation on the ultrastructure of the red and white myotomal muscles of the crucian : Patterson, S.  1973 1
Effect of state food stamp and TANF policies on Food Stamp Program participation [electronic resourc : Ratcliffe, Caroline.  2008 1
Effect of static electric fields on the electronic properties of layered semiconductor nanostructure : Harutyunyan, Volodya A.,  2015 1
Effect of sterilization irradiation on friction and wear of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene : Jones, William R.,  1979- 1
The effect of sterilization methods on plastics and elastomers [electronic resource] : the definitiv : Massey, Liesl K.  2005 1
The effect of sterilization on plastics and elastomers, third edition [electronic resource] : McKeen, Laurence W.  2012 1
The effect of stimulation and of changes in the temperature upon the irritability and conductivity o : Howell, W. H.  1894 1
Effect of stress concentrations in composite structures [electronic resource] : progress report : Babcock, Charles D.  1985 1
effect of stress on health   2009 1
The effect of strychnin, caffein, atropin and camphor on the respiration and respiratory metabolism : Edsall, D. L.  1914 1
The effect of substrate salts on area of surface films of stearic acid on water : Sartore, John E.  1958 1
Effect of suction on controlling the secondary instability of boundary layers [electronic resource] : El-Hady, Nabil M.  1990 1
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