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Mark   Year Entries
Animal Fibers   2
  Animal Fighting -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Animal Fighting Government Policy United States   2
Animal Fighting Juvenile Literature : Carter, Kyle,  1995 1
Animal Films   8
Animal Films Africa History : Hartley, Jean.  2010 1
  Animal First Aid -- See First aid for animals
Animal Flight   2
Animal Flight Juvenile Literature   2
  Animal Fluids And Humors -- See Body fluids

--subdivision Secretions under individual parts of the body, e.g. Heart--Secretions
Animal Food Contamination   1996 1
Animal Forms Decoration And Ornament   3
Animal Forms Decoration And Ornament Eurasia Exhibitions : Bunker, Emma C.  2002 1
Animal Forms Decoration And Ornament Exhibitions   1999 1
  Animal Forms In Decoration And Ornament -- See Decoration and ornament Animal forms
Animal Genetic Engineering   2007 1
Animal Genetic Engineering Fiction : Gear, W. Michael.  2001 1
Animal Genetic Engineering Russia Federation Siberia : Dugatkin, Lee Alan,  2017 1
  Animal Genetics -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Animal Genetics   2
Animal Genetics Mathematical Models : Boorman, Scott A.  1980 1
Animal Genome Mapping   2
Animal Ghosts Juvenile Fiction : Little Badger, Darcie,  2020 1
Animal Ghosts Juvenile Literature : Zullo, Allan,  2013 1
Animal Gut Industries Pacific Islands : Gewertz, Deborah B.,  2010 1
  Animal Habitat -- See Habitat (Ecology)

--subdivision Habitat under individual animals and plants and groups of animals and plants, e.g. Cattle--Habitat; Fishes--Habitat; Corn--Habitat
  Animal Habitations -- See Animals Habitations
Here are entered works on natural shelters and homes that animals build for themselves, such as burrows, dens, lairs, lodges, etc. Works on the shelters and structures that humans construct and provide for wild or domestic animals are entered under Animal housing.

--subdivisions Habitations and Nests under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Habitations; Fishes--Nests
  Animal Handling -- See Also the narrower term Animal immobilization
Animal Handling : Chastain, C. B.,  2018 1
Animal Handling Bibliography   2
Animal Handling United States Juvenile Films   2017 1
  Animal Health -- See Also Veterinary medicine

--subdivision Diseases under classes of animals, e.g. Cattle--Diseases; Horses--Diseases; names of particular diseases, e.g. Foot-and-mouth disease; Hog cholera; Smallpox in animals; and headings beginning with the word Veterinary
Animal Health   5
Animal Health Economic Aspects : Rushton, Jonathan.  2009 1
Animal Health Europe   2004 1
Animal Health Government Policy United States   6
Animal Health Handbooks Manuals Etc   2007 1
Animal Health International Cooperation : United States.  2009 1
Animal Health National Program U S Periodicals   15
Animal Health Technicians   3
Animal Health Technicians Case Studies   2016 1
Animal Health Technicians Examinations Questions Etc   2014 1
Animal Health Technicians Examinations Study Guides   2011 1
Animal Health Technicians Fiction : Yates, Maisey,  2019 1
Animal Health Technicians Health Risk Assessment   2
Animal Health Technicians Job Descriptions : Oliver, J. Dale  1979 1
Animal Health Technicians Professional Ethics   2016 1
Animal Health Technicians United States   2
Animal Health Technicians Vocational Guidance   2017 1
Animal Health Technology Examinations Questions Etc   2014 1
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