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Mark   Year Entries
Assembly Line Methods History : Hounshell, David A.  1985 1
Assembly Line Methods United States : Nye, David E.,  2013 1
  Assembly Lines -- See Assembly-line methods
  Assembly Machines -- See Assembling machines
  Assembly Right Of -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Assembly Right Of   5
Assembly Right Of Cases : Strum, Philippa.  1999 1
Assembly Right Of England : Mead, David,  2010 1
Assembly Right Of Illinois Skokie   1979 1
Assembly Right Of Iraq : Coalition Provisional Authority.  2003 1
Assembly Right Of Taiwan : He, Mingxiu,  2019 1
Assembly Right Of United States   6
Assembly Right Of United States History Juvenile Literature : Klinkner, Philip A.  1991 1
Assembly Right Of Wales : Mead, David,  2010 1
  Assembly School -- See Schools Exercises and recreations

--special days observed, e.g. Arbor Day, Memorial Day
Assertion Linguistics   2
  Assertion Psychology -- See Assertiveness (Psychology)
  Assertive Behavior -- See Assertiveness (Psychology)
Assertiveness In Children Juvenile Literature   2
Assertiveness In Women   5
Assertiveness Psychology   24
Assertiveness Psychology Comic Books Strips Etc : Telgemeier, Raina,  2015 1
Assertiveness Psychology Fiction   3
Assertiveness Psychology In Literature : Newman, Beth,  2004 1
Assertiveness Psychology Juvenile Fiction   2
Assertiveness Psychology Problems Exercises Etc : Clark, Carolyn Chambers.  2003 1
Assertiveness Training   6
Assertiveness Training Problems Exercises Etc : Bishop, Sue,  1997 1
Assertiveness Training Programmed Instruction : Lloyd, Sam R.  1988 1
  Asses -- See Also the narrower term Donkeys
  Assessment Centers Personnel Management Procedure -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Assessment Centers Personnel Management Procedure   4
  Assessment Curriculum Based -- See Curriculum-based assessment
Here are entered works on the type of criterion-referenced test that is constructed by the teacher and designed to reflect curriculum content.
  Assessment Ecological Risk -- See Ecological risk assessment
Here are entered works on estimating and evaluating the actual or potential hazards that toxic substances pose to an ecosystem.
  Assessment Fetal -- See Fetal monitoring
  Assessment Health Risk -- See Health risk assessment
Here are entered works on the process of determining the health effects of exposure of individuals or of a population to hazardous materials and/or situations, or on the adverse consequences that may result from the use of a technology or some other action.

--subdivision Health risk assessment under classes of persons, e.g. Aged--Health risk assessment
  Assessment Kansas -- See Tax assessment Kansas
  Assessment Landscape -- See Landscape assessment
  Assessment Nursing -- See Nursing assessment
Here are entered works on the process of gathering data on the health status of a patient through interview, observation, examination, etc., in nursing. Works on the problem-oriented description of a patient's actual or potential health problems that a nurse is licensed and competent to treat are entered under Nursing diagnosis.
  Assessment Of Behavior -- See Behavioral assessment
  Assessment Of Function Of The Aged -- See Older people Functional assessment
  Assessment Of Medical Care Needs -- See Medical care Needs assessment
  Assessment Of Needs -- See Needs assessment
Here are entered works on the methods and techniques employed in assessing the need for programs, projects, or products.
  Assessment Of Personality -- See Personality assessment
  Assessment Of Technology -- See Technology assessment
  Assessment Risk -- See Risk assessment

--subdivision Inspection--Risk assessment under individual livestock, e.g. Cattle--Inspection--Risk assessment
  Assessments Political -- See Campaign funds
Here are entered general works on the collection and disbursement of campaign funds. Works on the costs of administering elections, e.g. capital expenditures for voting machines, personnel costs for election day workers, etc. are entered under Elections--Costs.
Asset Allocation   14
Asset Allocation Econometric Models : Segoviano, Miguel A.  2006 1
Asset Allocation Italy Econometric Models : Munoz, Sonia,  2006 1
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