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  Chemical Antagonists -- See Chemical inhibitors

--subdivision Inhibitors under individual enzymes and groups of enzymes, e.g. Amylases--Inhibitors; also subdivision Antagonists under other individual chemicals and groups of chemicals, e.g. Insulin--Antagonists; and subdivision Synthesis--Inhibitors under individual chemicals and groups of chemicals, e.g. Insulin--Synthesis--Inhibitors
  Chemical Apparatus -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Chemical Apparatus   3
Chemical Apparatus Handbooks Manuals Etc   2
Chemical Arms Control   15
Chemical Arms Control Congresses   2006 1
Chemical Arms Control Defense Measures United States : National Research Council (U.S.).  2012 1
Chemical Arms Control Encyclopedias   2005 1
Chemical Arms Control Finance International Cooperation : United States.  2003 1
Chemical Arms Control Government Policy United States   1993 1
Chemical Arms Control International Cooperation : Vogel, Frederick J.  1997 1
Chemical Arms Control Planning : United States.  1994 1
Chemical Arms Control Russia Federation : United States.  2003 1
Chemical Arms Control Syria   2
Chemical Arms Control United States   7
Chemical Arms Control United States Finance : United States.  2010 1
Chemical Arms Control Verification   5
Chemical Arms Control Verification Congresses   2006 1
Chemical Arms Control Verification Research United States : United States.  2002 1
Chemical Arms Control Verification United States   1999 1
  Chemical Bonds -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Chemical Bonds   37
Chemical Bonds Charts Diagrams Etc : Streitwieser, Andrew,  1973 1
  Chemical Bonds Cleavage -- See Scission (Chemistry)
Chemical Bonds Congresses   2014 1
Chemical Bonds Mathematical Models   3
Chemical Bonds Mechanical Properties : Bruns, Carson J.,  2017 1
Chemical Bonds Models : Societe francaise de chimie.  1990 1
Chemical Bonds Study And Teaching   2014 1
Chemical Carcinogenesis : IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans  2007 1
Chemical Carcinogenesis Research United States History 20th Century : McKinnell, Robert Gilmore.  2016 1
  Chemical Composition Of The Earth -- See Geochemistry
  Chemical Control Of Pests -- See Pests Control

--subdivision Control under individual and groups of pests, e.g. Rats--Control; Plant parasites--Control
Chemical Defenses Reptiles : Fry, Bryan  2015 1
  Chemical Deicers -- See Deicing chemicals
  Chemical Dependency -- See Substance abuse

--subdivision Substance use under classes of persons and ethnic groups
  Chemical Detectors -- See Also the narrower term Gas detectors
Chemical Detectors   10
Chemical Detectors Congresses   5
Chemical Detectors Environmental Aspects United States   20-- 1
Chemical Detectors Evaluation   2015- 1
Chemical Ecology   5
  Chemical Effects Of Radiation -- See Radiation chemistry
Here are entered works on the chemical effects of high energy radiation on matter. Works on the chemical properties of radioactive substances and their use in chemical studies are entered under Radiochemistry. Works on the application of chemical techniques to the study of the structure and properties of atomic nuclei, their transformations and reactions are entered under Nuclear chemistry.
  Chemical Elements -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Chemical Elements   23
Chemical Elements Computer Network Resources   2
Chemical Elements Juvenile Literature : Callery, Sean,  2017 1
Chemical Elements Miscellanea : Kean, Sam.  2010 1
Chemical Elements Physiological Effect   2006 1
Chemical Elements Pictorial Works : Gray, Theodore W.  2009 1
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