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Mark   Year Entries
  Discoloration Of Teeth -- See Teeth Discoloration
Discoloration Wood : Wiemann, Michael Carl,  2008 1
Discoloration Wood Prevention : Williams, R. Sam.  2002 1
Discoloration Wood United States : Shigo, Alex L.,  1977 1
Discontent   3
Discontent Drama   2003 1
Discontent In Literature : Brown, Stephanie,  2011 1
Discontinuous Groups   3
Discorsi Sopra La Prima Deca Di Tito Livio Machiavelli Niccolo 1469 1527 : Levy, David N.,  2014 1
Discotheques Social Aspects Great Britain : Malbon, Ben,  1999 1
  Discount -- See Also Acceptances
Here are entered works on trade or bank acceptances as credit instruments. Works on the legal aspects of acceptances are entered under the heading Bills of exchange.
Discount   2
Discount Houses Finance : Chakravarty, Sugato,  1997 1
Discount Houses Retail Trade   5
Discount Houses Retail Trade China   2011 1
Discount Houses Retail Trade Fiction : Macomber, Debbie.  2005 1
Discount Houses Retail Trade History   2
Discount Houses Retail Trade Management   2
Discount Houses Retail Trade United States   8
Discount Houses Retail Trade United States History : Ortega, Bob.  2000 1
Discount Houses Retail Trade United States Management   5
  Discount Rate -- See Discount
Discount Stores : Shell, Ellen Ruppel,  2009 1
Discount Stores Retail Trade History : Walton, Sam,  1992 1
Discounts For Older People United States   5
Discours Sur Les Passions De Lamour Pascal Blaise 1623 1662 : Prudhomme, Sully,  2015 1
Discours Sur Les Sciences Et Les Arts Rousseau Jean Jacques 1712 1778   2015 1
Discours Sur Lorigine Et Les Fondements De Linegalite Parmi Les Hommes Rousseau Jean Jacques 1712   2015 1
  Discourse Analysis -- See Also the narrower term Written communication
Here are entered works on written language as a form of communication or discourse.Works on the process or result of recording language in the form of conventionalized visible marks or graphic signs on a surface are entered under the heading Writing. Works on the writing of a particular language are entered under the name of the language with subdivisions Alphabet and Writing, e.g. Greek language--Alphabet; Egyptian language--Writing. Works on systems of writing used by several peoples are entered under Writing, followed by the name of the system, e.g. Writing, Arabic.General and comparative works on the Semitic alphabet and its ancient and modern derivatives, or with similar series of characters employed to represent the sounds of a language, are entered under Alphabet.Works on variations in the style of writing in the past, and especially with ancient and medieval handwriting, are entered under Paleography.
Discourse Analysis   342
Discourse Analysis Africa   2012 1
Discourse Analysis African Languages   2015 1
Discourse Analysis Arabic Language   5
Discourse Analysis Australia : Morgan, Wendy,  1997 1
Discourse Analysis Australian Languages : Garde, Murray.  2013 1
Discourse Analysis Austria   2007 1
Discourse Analysis Canada : Manning, Erin.  2003 1
Discourse Analysis Case Studies : Barsky, Robert F.  1994 1
Discourse Analysis Catalan Language   2
Discourse Analysis Chamorro Language : Cooreman, Ann M.,  1987 1
Discourse Analysis Chinese Language   5
Discourse Analysis Congresses   14
Discourse Analysis Cross Cultural Studies : Abaza, Mona.  2002 1
Discourse Analysis Cushitic Languages : Wedekind, Klaus.  1990 1
Discourse Analysis Czech Language   2
Discourse Analysis Data Processing   18
Discourse Analysis Data Processing Congresses   4
Discourse Analysis Data Processing Study And Teaching : Scott, Mike,  2006 1
Discourse Analysis English Language   57
Discourse Analysis English Language Australia : Mullan, Kerry.  2010 1
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