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Mark   Year Entries
Doctorow E L 1931 2015 Criticism And Interpretation   2
Doctorow E L 1931 2015 Ragtime   1999 1
Doctorow E L 1931 Ragtime   1999 1
Doctorow E L 1931 Waterworks : Kelly, Adam.  2013 1
Doctorow E L 1931 Writer In The Family   2009 1
  Doctors -- See Physicians
  Doctors Degrees -- See Degrees, Academic

--subdivision Degrees under names of individual educational institutions for lists of degrees awarded by those institutions, e.g. Harvard University--Degrees
  Doctors In Art -- See Medicine and art
  Doctors Of Medicine -- See Physicians
  Doctors Offices -- See Medical offices
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Baptists   2
Doctrinal And Controversial Works General Convention Of The New Jerusalem In The United States Of Am : New Jerusalem church.  1860 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Lutheran Church : Mayer, Frederick Emanuel,  1954 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Mormons And Mormonism : Danielsen, Vernon J.  1917 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Unitarianism United States : Walker, James Barr,  1869 1
  Doctrinal Anthropology -- See Theological anthropology
Here are entered works on the theology of humankind from the perspective of two or more of the world's religions. Works on the theology of humankind in a given religion are entered under Man (Christian theology), Man (Jewish theology), Man (Islam), Man (Hinduism), etc. Works on the Christian theology of the male sex are entered under Men (Christian theology). Works on the Christian theology of the female sex are entered under Woman (Christian theology).
Doctrinal Preaching   2015 1
  Doctrinal Theology -- See Theology, Doctrinal
Here are entered works on the doctrines of Christianity treated collectively. Works on Christian dogma in the abstract are entered under Dogma.

--subdivision Doctrines under individual religions and denominations, e.g. Buddhism--Doctrines; Catholic Church--Doctrines
Doctrine And Covenants Relation To The Bible : Frederick, Nicholas J.,  2016 1
Doctrine And Discipline Of Divorce Milton John 1608 1674 : Milton, John,  1645 1
Doctrine Church Of England : Hall, Joseph,  1641 1
  Doctrine Military -- See Military doctrine
  Doctrine Of Fairness Broadcasting -- See Fairness doctrine (Broadcasting)
Here are entered works dealing with the requirement that broadcasters presenting one side of a controversial issue of public importance must afford reasonable opportunity for the presentation of contrasting views. Works dealing with the requirement that equal opportunities for broadcasting be afforded to all legally qualified candidates for public office if any one such candidate is permitted to broadcast are entered under Equal time rule (Broadcasting).
  Doctrines -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Doctrines Adventists   4
Doctrines Akhbariyah : Gleave, R.  2007 1
Doctrines Amish   2
Doctrines Anabaptists   4
Doctrines Anabaptists Early Works To 1800 : Joris, David,  1994 1
Doctrines Anglican Communion   4
Doctrines Anglican Communion History : Chapman, Mark D.  2012 1
Doctrines Assemblies Of God : York, John V.,  2014 1
Doctrines Babism : Eschraghi, Armin.  2004 1
Doctrines Baptists   6
Doctrines Baptists History : Aloisi, John,  2021 1
Doctrines Baptists Popular Works : Keach, Benjamin,  1683 1
Doctrines Black Muslims   2
Doctrines Bon Tibetan Religion Bibliography Catalogs : Achard, Jean-Luc.  2004 1
Doctrines Buddhism   32
Doctrines Buddhism China Tibet   2
Doctrines Buddhism China Tibet Autonomous Region   2
Doctrines Buddhism Congresses   1981 1
Doctrines Buddhism History Early Period To Approximately 250 B C   2
Doctrines Buddhism India History : Silk, Jonathan A.  2008 1
Doctrines Buddhism India Textbooks : Williams, Paul,  2012 1
Doctrines Catholic Church   153
Doctrines Catholic Church Abstracts : Pekarske, Daniel T.  2009 1
Doctrines Catholic Church Catholic Authors   29
Doctrines Catholic Church Congresses : Ammicht-Quinn, Regina,  2013 1
Doctrines Catholic Church Controversial Literature   3
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