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Mark   Year Entries
History Errors Inventions Etc   18
History Errors Inventions Etc Anecdotes : Tattersall, Ian,  2018 1
History Errors Inventions Etc Juvenile Literature : Bragg, Georgia.  2014 1
History Europe 20th Century   2009 1
History Europe 21st Century   2009 1
History Europe France Bisacsh : Cusin, David ,  2015 1
History Examinations Questions Etc   4
  History Fiction -- See Historical fiction

--subdivision History--Fiction or subdivision History--[period subdivision]--Fiction under names of countries, cities, etc.; and subdivision Fiction under names of historical events and persons
History France : Hayden, Michael,  2013 1
History France Revolution 1789 1799 Causes : Stael,  2008 1
History General   2
History Georgia Republic   2011 1
History Great Britain   6
History Great Britain Henry Vi 1422 1461 Drama : Shakespeare, William,  2003 1
History Greece   2
History Greece Peloponnesian War 431 404 B C : Kagan, Donald.  2012 1
History Handbooks Manuals Etc   2
  History Historiography -- See Historiography
Here are entered works on historiography as a branch of learning. This heading may be divided geographically for works on this branch of learning in a specific place. Works on the historiography of particular regions, countries, cities, etc. are entered under the name of the place subdivided by Historiography.

--subdivision Historiography under subjects, e.g. Art--Historiography; Catholic Church--Historiography; United States--Historiography; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Historiography
History House Joplin Mo   1979? 1
History Humor : Shenkman, Richard.  1993 1
  History Imaginary -- See Imaginary histories
  History In Art -- See Also Art and history
Here are entered works on the relation between art and history. Works dealing with the representation of historical events and characters are entered under History in art.
History In Art   17
History In Art Catalogs   2
History In Art Congresses   2008 1
History In Art Exhibitions   2023 1
  History In Literature -- 3 Related Subjects   3
History In Literature   52
History In Literature Congresses   3
History In Mass Media   2
History In Motion Pictures   9
History In Popular Culture Europe   2014 1
History In Popular Culture Spain : Song, H. Rosi,  2016 1
History In Popular Culture United States   3
History India   2
History Influence Afghanistan Soviet Occupation 1979 1989 Influence   2017 1
History Isreal : Katriel, Tamar.  2004 1
History Japan   2013 1
  History Juvenile -- See World history Juvenile literature
History Kansas   1980 1
History Literature : Roberts, Stephen,  2020 1
  History Local -- See Local history
Here are entered works on the writing and compiling of local histories. Collective histories, and works on the historiography, of several localities of a country, state, etc., are entered under the name of the place with subdivision History, Local. Individual local histories are entered under [place]--History.
History Local Africa   2006 1
History Local Alabama   2
History Local Alaska : Schneider, William S.,  2012 1
History Local Anderson County Kan   1986 1
History Local Argentina : Lobato, Mirta Zaida.  2021 1
History Local Arizona : Trimble, Marshall.  1986 1
History Local Asia   2009 1
History Local Atlantic Coast S C : Halfacre, Angela C.  2012 1
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