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-- See Art
Here are entered general works on the visual arts. Works on the arts in general, including the visual arts, literature, and the performing arts, are entered under Arts.

--subdivision Art under names of individual persons who lived before 1400, under names of deities or legendary figures, and under headings of the type [topic]--[subdivision], e.g. Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint--Art; Zephyrus (Greek deity)--Art; Holy Cross--Legends--Art; also headings of the type [topic] in art, e.g. Christian saints in art
-- See Pictures
Here are entered works that discuss pictures themselves as objects of special interest, including their classification, cataloging, copying, printing, mounting, etc. Pictures that are representative of particular art media are entered under the medium, e.g. Painting; Engraving; etc.

--subdivision Pictorial works under names of individual persons, families, and corporate bodies and under subjects
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