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Mark   Year Entries
Jurisdiction Territorial China : United States.  2014 1
Jurisdiction Territorial East Asia : United States.  2012 1
Jurisdiction Territorial European Union Countries   2017 1
Jurisdiction Territorial Paracel Islands : Bouchat, Clarence J.,  2014 1
Jurisdiction United States   19
Jurisdiction United States History : Orth, John V.  1987 1
Jurisdiction United States States : United States.  2004 1
  Jurisdictional Immunities Of Foreign States -- See Immunities of foreign states
  Jurisprudence -- 7 Related Subjects   7
Jurisprudence   29
Jurisprudence Australia : Strelein, Lisa.  2009 1
Jurisprudence China History   2014 1
  Jurisprudence Comparative -- See Comparative law
Here are entered works on the comparison of various systems of law as a method of legal study and research. Comparative studies of individual legal topics or branches of the law are entered under the respective headings applying to these subjects.
  Jurisprudence Dental -- See Dental jurisprudence
Jurisprudence England History 19th Century : Rumble, Wilfrid E.  2005 1
  Jurisprudence Ethnological -- See Ethnological jurisprudence
Jurisprudence Great Britain : Sommerville, Ann.  2013 1
Jurisprudence History   4
Jurisprudence Hypnotism   2
Jurisprudence Insanity Law United States : Caplan, Lincoln.  1984 1
Jurisprudence Insanity United States Juvenile Literature : Marzilli, Alan.  2003 1
  Jurisprudence Medical -- See Medical jurisprudence

--subdivision Jurisprudence under subjects to which medical jurisprudence is applicable, e.g. Insanity--Jurisprudence; Surgery, Operative--Jurisprudence
Jurisprudence Methodology : Gray, Christopher B.  2010 1
Jurisprudence Pacific Area   2
Jurisprudence Philosophy : Falcón y Tella, María José,  2014 1
Jurisprudence Popular Works : Bradley, Gerard V.,  2006 1
Jurisprudence Religious Aspects : Davis, Donald R.  2010 1
Jurisprudence Scandinavia : Evald, Jens,  2014 1
Jurisprudence Sociological Aspects : Deflem, Mathieu.  2008 1
Jurisprudence United States   6
Jurisprudence United States Cases : Chase Tobin, Philip.  2007 1
Jurisprudence United States History   2
  Juristic Acts -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Juristic Acts European Union Countries   2009 1
Juristic Acts Spain Catalonia History To 1500   2
  Juristic Persons -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Juristic Persons   3
  Juristic Persons Criminal Liability -- See Criminal liability of juristic persons
  Juristic Persons Foreign -- See Corporations, Foreign
Here are entered works on corporations operating in countries (or states of the United States) other than those countries (or states of the United States) under whose laws they were organized. Works on corporations organized under the laws of an individual country and operating outside that country are entered under headings of the type Corporations, [nationality], with further subdivision by place, if any, in which the corporations are operating, e.g. Corporations, American--France.
  Juristic Persons International Law -- See Persons (International law)
Here are entered works on states, international bodies, and individuals as persons in public international law.

--subdivision International status under names of countries, regions, etc., e.g. Ukraine--International status
  Jurists -- See Lawyers
Jurnet Benjamin Fictitious Character Fiction   2
  Jurors -- See Jury
Jurors Fiction   2
Jurors United States Attitudes : Albertson, Stephanie L.  2012 1
Jurors United States Decision Making : Albertson, Stephanie L.  2012 1
  Jury -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Jury   16
Jury Canada History 19th Century : Brown, R. Blake,  2009 1
Jury Connecticut History : Thompson, Norma,  2006 1
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