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Mark   Year Entries
Manuscripts English England Yorkshire : May, Steven W.,  2014 1
Manuscripts English Facsimiles   4
Manuscripts English Middle   7
Manuscripts English Middle Editing   2
Manuscripts English Middle England West Midlands   4
Manuscripts English Middle History   2014 1
Manuscripts English Old   5
Manuscripts English Old Catalogs : Hickes, George,  1705 1
Manuscripts English Old Editing   2
Manuscripts English Old England Catalogs : Gneuss, Helmut,  2014 1
Manuscripts English Old England Winchester : Gretsch, Mechthild.  1999 1
Manuscripts English Old Facsimiles   2013 1
Manuscripts English Terminology : Beal, Peter.  2011 1
Manuscripts English Terminology Dictionaries : Beal, Peter.  2008 1
  Manuscripts Exhibitions -- See Also Books History Exhibitions
Here is entered material on exhibitions illustrating the history of the book and book arts in general: writing, printing, binding, illustration, collection and preservation of books in libraries, etc.

--subdivision Bibliography--Exhibitions under subjects
  Manuscripts Facsimiles -- See Also the narrower term Paleography
Here are entered works on variations in the style of writing in the past and especially with ancient and medieval handwriting.Works on written languages as a form of communication or discourse are entered under Written communication.Works on the process or result of recording language in the form of conventionalized visible marks or graphic signs on a surface are entered under Writing. Works on the writing of a particular language are entered under the name of the language with subdivisions Alphabet and Writing, e.g. Greek language--Alphabet; Egyptian language--Writing. Works on systems of writing used by several peoples are entered under Writing, followed by the name of the system, e.g. Writing, Arabic.General and comparative works on the Semitic alphabet and its ancient and modern derivatives, or with similar series of characters employed to represent the sounds of a language, are entered under Alphabet.
Manuscripts Facsimiles   5
Manuscripts Facsimiles Archival Resources : Whigham, Thomas,  1995 1
Manuscripts Fiction   4
Manuscripts Fiction 560407 : Walsh, Dan,  2013 1
Manuscripts French   2003 1
Manuscripts French Bibliography : Rand, Edward Kennard,  1929 1
Manuscripts French Editing : Foulet, Alfred  1979 1
Manuscripts French France Languedoc   2016 1
Manuscripts French History : Huot, Sylvia,  1987 1
Manuscripts French New York State New York : Leo, Domenic.  2013 1
Manuscripts French Texas Austin Catalogs : Lake, Carlton.  1976 1
Manuscripts German Austria Salzburg Catalogs : Hayer, Gerold.  2018 1
Manuscripts German Germany : Schneider, Karin,  2014 1
Manuscripts German Germany Munich : Roland, Martin.  2015 1
Manuscripts Great Britain Catalogs   9
Manuscripts Greek : Strobel, Benedikt,  2014 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible : Metzger, Bruce Manning.  1981 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible Congresses   2003 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible Facsimiles : Metzger, Bruce Manning.  1981 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible John : Welsby, Alison,  2014 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible N T   2
Manuscripts Greek Bible N T Epistles Of Paul : Willard, Louis Charles.  2009 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible New Testament Catalogs : Elliott, J. K.  2015 1
Manuscripts Greek Bible O T Psalms : Emmenegger, Gregor.  2007 1
Manuscripts Greek Facsimiles   3
Manuscripts Greek Papyri   9
Manuscripts Greek Papyri Egypt   3
Manuscripts Greek Papyri Egypt Bahnasa : Schironi, Francesca.  2009 1
Manuscripts Greek Papyri Egypt Cairo   2015 1
Manuscripts Greek Papyri Egypt Karanis Extinct City   2015 1
Manuscripts Greek Switzerland Saint Gall : Kaczynski, Bernice M.  1988 1
Manuscripts Hebrew   2
Manuscripts Hebrew Bible O T : Tawil, Hayim,  2010 1
Manuscripts Hebrew Catalogs : Cambridge University Library.  1876 1
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