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Num Mark Subjects (1-6 of 6) Media Year
1   Neurotoxic Agents -- See Also the narrower term Behavioral toxicology
2 Neurotoxic Agents    
      Analysis, occurrence, and toxicity of c-methylaminoalanine (BMAA) [electronic resource] : a risk for Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2007
      Developmental neurotoxicity of PBDEs, mechanisms and implications [electronic resource] / Henrik Alm Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2010
      Excitotoxicity : fundamental concepts, pathophysiology and treatment / Emerson D. Metzger and Keith G Axe EBSCO Clinical Nursing E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2014
      Secretory systems and toxins [electronic resource] / edited by Michal Linial, Alfonso Grasso, and Phi Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 1998
3 Neurotoxic Agents North America : Jones, David E.,     
      Poison arrows [electronic resource] : North American Indian hunting and warfare / by David E. Jones. Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2007
4 Neurotoxic Agents Physiological Effect Research Congresses      
      Assessing neurotoxicity of drugs of abuse / editor, Lynda Erinoff. Axe Archives Fed Docs:Available   Print Material 1993
5 Neurotoxic Agents Side Effects : Eiser, Arnold R.,     
      Preserving brain health in a toxic age : new insights from neuroscience, integrative medicine, and pu Axe 2nd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 2021
6 Neurotoxic Agents Toxicity Testing Periodicals      
      Development of detection technologies for bacterial neurotoxins and their validation in food matrices Axe Federal Documents Online:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2007
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Available items only