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Plots Drama Novel Etc
-- See Also the narrower term Ballets Stories, plots, etc.
-- See Also the narrower term Comparative literature Themes, motives

--headings of the type [topic] in literature, e.g. Children in literature, Realism in literature; and subdivision In literature under names of individual persons, families, corporate bodies, countries, cities, etc., and sacred works and names of literary themes, e.g. Prodigal son (Parable)
-- See Also Fairy tales Classification
Here are entered lists of fairy tales, or their types, themes, motifs, variants, etc., compiled with the aim of arranging them in certain clearly defined groups, as well as works discussing the principles upon which systems of classification may be based.
-- See Also the narrower term Motion pictures Plots, themes, etc.
Here are entered general works on motion picture plots and themes. Films on specific topics are entered under specific headings, e.g. Horror films; War films; Children in motion pictures; Death in motion pictures.
-- See Also the narrower term Operas Stories, plots, etc.

--subdivision Stories, plots, etc. under names of individual composers
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