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Num Mark Subjects (1-15 of 15) Media Year
1 Political Socialization    
      Classroom life as civic education : individual achievement and student cooperation in schools / David Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 1989
      Corrupting youth [electronic resource] : political education, democratic culture, and political theor Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 1997
      The democratic facade / Daniel Hellinger, Dennis R. Judd. Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 1991
      E-political socialization, the press and politics : the media and government in the USA, Europe and C Axe JSTOR Open Ebooks:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2014
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2 Political Socialization Africa : Schatzberg, Michael G.     
      Political legitimacy in Middle Africa : father, family, food / Michael G. Schatzberg. Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 2001
3 Political Socialization Cross Cultural Studies      
      Growing up democratic : does it make a difference? / edited by David Denemark, Robert Mattes, Richard Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2016
4 Political Socialization Cuba : Medin, Tzvi.     
      Cuba, the shaping of revolutionary consciousness / Tzvi Medin ; translated by Martha Grenzback. Axe 2nd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 1990
5 Political Socialization Developing Countries : Neuman, W. Russell.     
      Common knowledge : news and the construction of political meaning / W. Russell Neuman, Marion R. Just Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 1992
6 Political Socialization El Salvador History 20th Century : Hoover Green, Amelia,     
      The commander's dilemma : violence and restraint in wartime / Amelia Hoover Green. Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2018
7 Political Socialization Europe History 20th Century : Holmes, Douglas R.,     
      Integral Europe [electronic resource] : fast-capitalism, multiculturalism, neofascism / Douglas R. Ho Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2000
8 Political Socialization Germany East History : Saunders, Anna.     
      Honecker's children [electronic resource] : youth and patriotism in East(ern) Germany, 1979-2002 / An Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2007
9 Political Socialization Great Britain : Crick, Bernard,     
      Essays on citizenship [electronic resource] / Bernard Crick. Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2004
10 Political Socialization Great Britain Colonies      
      Making imperial mentalities [electronic resource] : socialisation and British imperialism / edited by Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2012
11 Political Socialization Guinea History 20th Century : Straker, Jay,     
      Youth, nationalism, and the Guinean Revolution [electronic resource] / Jay Straker. Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2009
12 Political Socialization Israel : Ichilov, Orit.     
      Political learning and citizenship education under conflict [electronic resource] : the political soc Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2004
13 Political Socialization United States    
      Angry politics : partisan hatred and political polarization among college students / Stacy G. Ulbig. Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 2020
      Apprehending politics [electronic resource] : news media and individual political development / by M Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2005
      The civic development of 9th- through 12th-grade students in the United States, 1996 [electronic reso Axe Federal Documents Online:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 1999
      Cultivating democracy [electronic resource] : civic environments and political socialization in Ameri Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2003
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14 Political Socialization United States History      
      Political consciousness in the USA : traditions and evolution / USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute o Axe 3rd Floor Stacks:Available   Print Material 1984
15 Political Socialization United States History 18th Century : Engels, Jeremy.     
      Enemyship [electronic resource] : democracy and counter-revolution in the early republic / Jeremy Eng Axe ProQuest E-Book:Available   E-Books/E-Docs 2010
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