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Mark   Year Entries
  Scientific Fraud -- See Fraud in science
  Scientific Illustration -- See Also Technical illustration
Scientific Illustration : Blaker, Alfred A.,  1977 1
Scientific Illustration Germany History 17th Century Juvenile Literature : Sidman, Joyce,  2018 1
Scientific Illustration History   3
Scientific Illustration History 17th Century : Remmert, Volker R.,  2011 1
Scientific Illustration Philosophy   1996 1
Scientific Illustrators Biography Juvenile Literature : Sidman, Joyce,  2018 1
  Scientific Instruments -- See Scientific apparatus and instruments

--subdivision Instruments under individual scientific or technical disciplines for discussions of the instruments employed in those fields, e.g. Nuclear physics--Instruments; also phrase headings for types of instruments; and headings for individual instruments
  Scientific Laboratories -- See Laboratories
  Scientific Literature -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Scientific Literature   2
Scientific Literature Authorship Handbooks Manuals Etc   2006 1
Scientific Literature Canada : Wilks, Brian B.,  2004 1
Scientific Literature China : Zhao, Jin,  2018 1
Scientific Literature Electronic Publishing : Groza, Tudor.  2012 1
Scientific Literature England History 17th Century : Alff, David,  2017 1
Scientific Literature England History 18th Century : Alff, David,  2017 1
Scientific Literature Evaluation   2
Scientific Literature Germany : Zhao, Jin,  2018 1
Scientific Literature Greece History And Criticism   2010 1
Scientific Literature History   5
Scientific Literature History And Criticism   2016 1
  Scientific Literature Illustration -- See Scientific illustration
Scientific Literature Iraq History And Criticism   2015 1
Scientific Literature Middle East History And Criticism   2010 1
Scientific Literature Rome History And Criticism   2010 1
  Scientific Literature Searching -- See Information storage and retrieval systems Science
Scientific Literature Translating   2010 1
Scientific Literature Translating Europe History   2017 1
Scientific Literature United States   2010 1
  Scientific Management -- See Industrial management
Here are entered works on the application of the principles of management to industrial enterprises, including production, office management, marketing, finance, etc. Works on the technical control of manufacturing processes are entered under Factory management.

--subdivision Management under types of industries, industrial plants and processes, e.g. Construction industry--Management; and under names of individual corporate bodies
  Scientific Method -- See Science Methodology
  Scientific Names Of Plants -- See Botany Nomenclature
  Scientific Property -- See Patent laws and legislation
  Scientific Publications Exchange -- See Exchange of publications
  Scientific Recreations -- See Also the narrower term Mathematical recreations
Scientific Recreations   7
Scientific Recreations Juvenile Literature   7
  Scientific Research -- See Research
Here are entered general works on research, and with local subdivision, works on research carried out in specific places. Works on research about a particular region, country, etc. are entered under the name of the region, country, etc. with the subdivision Research.

--subdivision Research under names of countries, cities, etc.; and under subjects
  Scientific Research In Low Gravity Environments -- See Research in reduced gravity environments
  Scientific Russian -- See Russian language Technical Russian
  Scientific Satellites -- 7 Related Subjects   7
Scientific Satellites   7
Scientific Satellites Congresses : COSPAR Colloquium on Microsatellites as Research Tools  1999 1
Scientific Satellites Design And Construction : Freeman, H. R.  1979 1
Scientific Satellites International Cooperation   2
  Scientific Serendipity -- See Serendipity in science
Scientific Societies : Goode, G. Brown  1970 1
Scientific Space Surveillance Research United States   2002 1
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