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  Secular Part Songs -- See Part songs
The term Part-songs is here defined as a type of vocal chamber music which may be performed by solo voices or a choral ensemble, with or without doubling or even with replacement by instruments; it applies to early music through the beginning of the seventeenth century and other works composed in a similar manner.Here are entered collections of secular part-songs and separately published secular part-songs with texts in more than one language. Part-songs with texts in one language are entered under Part-songs qualified by language, e.g. Part-songs, English.Part-songs composed in a form are entered under the name of the form, e.g. Polyphonic chansons.
  Secular Theology -- See Secularization (Theology)
Secular Use Church Buildings Europe History To 1500 : Hayes, Dawn Marie,  2003 1
  Secular Vocal Emsembles -- See Vocal ensembles
Here are entered compositions with secular texts for ten or more solo voices and collections of compositions for a varying number of solo voices. Such compositions with sacred texts are entered under the heading Sacred vocal ensembles. This heading is also qualified by specification of accompaniment, e.g. Vocal ensembles with orchestra; Vocal ensembles, Unaccompanied.
  Secularism -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Secularism   61
Secularism Arab Countries : Abu-Rabi, Ibrahim M.  2004 1
Secularism Asia   3
Secularism Canada History : Buckingham, Janet Epp.  2014 1
Secularism China History : Veer, Peter van der.  2014 1
Secularism Congresses   2
Secularism Egypt : Al-Ali, Nadje Sadig.  2000 1
Secularism England History : Sommerville, C. John  1992 1
Secularism Europe   4
Secularism Europe History 20th Century : Ziolkowski, Theodore.  2007 1
Secularism France : Nilsson, Per-Erik,  2018 1
Secularism France History   2
Secularism France History 18th Century : Van Kley, Dale K.,  1996 1
Secularism France History 19th Century   2
Secularism France History 20th Century : Tilburg, Patricia A.  2009 1
Secularism Germany History 19th Century   2
Secularism Germany History 20th Century   2019 1
Secularism Great Britain : Royle, Edward.  1974 1
Secularism Great Britain History : Sudlow, Brian.  2011 1
Secularism History   4
Secularism In Literature   15
Secularism In Literature Congresses   2014 1
Secularism In Motion Pictures : Kumar, Priya.  2008 1
Secularism India   5
Secularism India History   2
Secularism Iran : Milani, Abbas.  2004 1
Secularism Ireland : Buckley, David T.,  2016 1
Secularism Islamic Countries   2
Secularism Israel   5
Secularism Mexico Congresses : Laicidad y Valores en un Estado Democrático (Conference)  2000 1
Secularism Middle East History : Gelvin, James L.,  2011 1
Secularism Netherlands : Verkaaik, Oskar.  2009 1
Secularism Northern Ireland : McClinton, Brian.  1998 1
Secularism Philippines : Buckley, David T.,  2016 1
Secularism Poland History 20th Century : Pease, Neal.  2009 1
Secularism Political Aspects   3
Secularism Psychology Case Studies : Hunt, Harry T.,  2003 1
Secularism Quebec Province   4
Secularism Russia Federation Volga Ural Region : Luehrmann, Sonja.  2011 1
Secularism Senegal : Buckley, David T.,  2016 1
Secularism South Africa : Leatt, Dhammamegha Annie,  2017 1
Secularism South Asia : Six, Clemens,  2021 1
Secularism Sweden History 19th Century : Green, Todd H.  2011 1
Secularism Syria : Khatib, Line.  2011 1
Secularism Turkey   4
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