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Conference Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting (2002 : Kailua Kona, Hawaii)

Title Multi-wavelength observations of coronal structure and dynamics : Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting : proceedings of the COSPAR Colloquium held in Kona, Hawaii, USA, 20-24 January 2002 / edited by Petrus C.H. Martens and David P. Cauffman.

Imprint Amsterdam ; Boston : Pergamon, 2002.


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Edition 1st ed.
Description 1 online resource (xviii, 442 pages) : illustrations (some color)
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Series COSPAR colloquia series ; v. 13
COSPAR colloquia series ; v. 13.
Contents Preface / Piet Martens, Dave Cauffman -- Ten years of Yohkoh and its current status: A brief summary / T. Kosugi, L.W. Acton -- Section 1. Quiet sun and solar wind -- Coronal holes and the solar wind / S.R. Cranmer -- Solar wind acceleration, critical points and mass flux, and coronal heating due to supra-thermal electron beams / T. Hirayama -- Long-period oscillations in polar coronal holes as observed by CDS on SOHO / D. Banerjee, E. O'Shea, J.G. Doyle, M. Goossens -- UV and soft X-ray polar coronal jets / D. Dobrzycka, J.C. Raymond, S.R. Cranmer, J. Li -- Spectroscopic observation of coronal oscillations / T. Sakurai, K. Ichimoto, K.P. Raju, J. Singh.
Section 2. Active regions and bright point studies -- Connection between photospheric magnetic fields and coronal structure/dynamics / T. Shimizu -- Contagious coronal heating from recurring emergence of magnetic flux / R.L. Moore, D.A. Falconer, A.C. Sterling -- Heating rate of coronal active regions / S. Yashiro, K. Shibata -- X-ray bright points and other quiet sun transient phenomena / C.E. Parnell -- Reconciliation of the coronal heating function between Yokoh and TRACE / M.J. Aschwanden -- Small fluctuations of coronal X-Ray intensity: A signature of nanoflares / Y. Katsukawa, S. Tsuneta -- Observation and theory of coronal loop structure / J.A. Klimchuk -- Dynamics and diagnostics of explosive events and blinkers / M.S. Madjarska, J.G. Doyle, L. Teriaca -- A high temperature corona above an active region complex / Y.-K. Ko, J.C. Raymond, J. Li, A. Ciaravella, J. Michels, S. Fineschi, R. Wu -- Isothermal approximation vs. differential emission measure analysis: How hot are hot loops / J.W. Cirtain, J.T. Schmelz -- X-ray jets in interconnecting loops / F. Fárník, Z. vestka -- Convective structure in an emerging flux region / H. Kozu, R. Kitai -- Frequency drift rate measurements of coronal temperatures / V. Krishan, F.C.R. Fernandes, H.S. Sawant -- Magnetic fields in the photosphere are not force-free / B.J. LaBonte -- SOHO-CDS observations of an X2 flare spray injection / H.E. Mason, C.D. Pike -- Multi-temperature structure of the solar corona observed by Yohkoh and SOHO / S. Nagata -- Combining SXT and CDS observations to investigate coronal abundances / H.D. Winter III, J.W. Cirtain -- Nanoflare modeling of an X-ray bright point coronal loop / R.A. McMullen, D.W. Longcope, C.C. Kankelborg -- Solar cycle dependency of X-ray bright points and photospheric bipoles / I. Sattarov, A.A. Pevtsov, A.S. Hojaev, C.T. Sherdonov -- Surges, magnetic flux cancellations, and UV brightenings around an emerging flux region / K. Yoshimura, H. Kurokawa, M. Shimojo, R. Shine.
Section 3. Education and public outreach -- Yohkoh: A decade of discovery / D. Alexander, T.R. Metcalf -- Sharing the sun-earth connection / D. Kisich, I. Hawkins, R. Vondrak -- Scientist involvement in high visibility education and public outreach "SolarEvents" / D. Kisich, E. Lewis -- The Yohkoh Public Outreach Project / M.B. Larson, T. Slater, D. McKenzie, L. Acton, D. Alexander, J. Lemen, S. Freeland, T. Metcalf -- Our sun-The star of classroom activities and public outreach events / N. Craig, M.B. Larson -- Solar public observations in Japan / K. Yaji.
Section 4. Sigmoidality and helicity -- Sinuous coronal loops at the sun / A.A. Pevtsov -- The origin of prominences and their hemispheric preference for the skew of overlying X-ray loops / P.C.H. Martens -- Tether-cutting action in two sigmoidal filaments / K. Hori, A. Glover, M. Akioka, S. Ueno -- Helicity loading and dissipation: The helicity budget of ar 7978 from the cradle to the grave / L.van Driel-Gesztelyi, P. Démoulin, C.H. Mandrini, S. Plunkett, B. Thompson, Zs. Kovári, G. Aulanier, A. Young, M. López Fuentes, S. Poedts -- Hemispheric helicity asymmetry in active regions for solar cycle 21-23 / M. Hagino, T. Sakurai -- Concurrent rotating sunspots, twisted coronal fans, sigmoid structures, and coronal mass ejections / R.W. Nightingale, D.S. Brown, T.R. Metcalf, C.J. Schrijver, R.A. Shine, A.M. Title, C.J. Wolfson -- Helicity injection into the solar corona / K. Kusano, T. Maeshiro, T. Yokoyama, T. Sakurai.
Section 5. Reconnection in flares -- Signatures of reconnection in eruptive flares / D.E. McKenzie -- SXT and EIT observations of a quiet region large-scale eruption: implications for eruption theories / A.C. Sterling, R.L. Moore, B.J. Thompson -- 3 GHz flux variations of the april 7, 1997 flare and current-loop coalescence model / F. Fárník, M. Karlický -- Statistical study of the reconnection rate in solar flares / H. Isobe, T. Morimoto, S. Eto, N. Narukage, K. Shibata -- Drifting pulsations, 3 GHz oscillations and loop interactions in the June 6, 2000 flare / M. Karlický, H.S. Sawant, F.C.R. Fernandes, J.R. Cecatto, F. Fárník, H. Mészárosová -- A study of magnetic reconnection using simultaneous SOHO/MDI and TRACE data / J.L.R. Saba, T. Gaeng, T.D. Tarbell -- 3D structure of a magnetic reconnection Jet: Application to looptop hard x-ray emission / S. Tanuma, T. Yokoyama, T. Kudoh, K. Shibata.
Section 6. MHD simulations of emergence and eruptions -- Models of arcade flares in view of observations by Yohkoh, SOHO/EIT, and TRACE / S. Hirose, Y. Uchida -- Numerical simulation of a flare / T. Yokoyama -- Three-dimensional MHD simulation of an emerging flux tube in the sun / T. Magara, D.W. Longcope -- Loop-Type CME produced by magnetic reconnection of two large loops at the associated arcade flare occurring between the footpoints of a CME / Y. Uchida, J. Kuwabara, R. Cameron, I. Suzuki, T. Tanaka, K. Kouduma -- Three dimensional MHD simulations for an emerging twisted magnetic flux tube / T.M. Miyagoshi, T.Y. Yokoyama -- Properties of magnetic reconnection in a stratified atmosphere / A. Takeuchi, K. Shibata.
Section 7. Fine structure in flares -- High resolution observations of solar flares / B. Sylwester -- Fine structure inside flare ribbons and its temporal evolution / S. Morita, Y. Uchida, S. Hirose -- Dynamics of coronal magnetic fields inferred from multi-frequency radio observations of a solar flare / E. Correia, J.-P. Raulin, G. Trottet, P. Kaufmann -- Multiple-loop structure of a solar flare from microwave, EUV, and X-ray imaging data / V.I. Garaimov, M.R. Kundu -- Flaring in multipolar regions on the sun: The 1999 July 19 flare / M. Sersen.
Section 8. Preflare phenomena -- Observations of pre-flare activity with TRACE and Yohkoh / H.P. Warren -- The magnetic free energy and a CME in active region 8299 / T.R. Metcalf, D.L. Mickey, B.J. LaBonte, L.A. Ryder -- Anatomy of a flare and coronal mass ejection / C.R. Foley, Harra L.K., J.L. Culhane, K.O. Mason, K. Hori, S.A. Matthews, R.H.A. Iles -- Pre-flare heating around the temperature minimum region found right prior to an X-class flare / H. Kurokawa, T.T. Ishii, T.J. Wang, R. Shine.
Section 9. Flare plasma dynamics -- Non-thermal velocities in solar flares / L.K. Harra -- Correlated dynamics of hot and cool plasmas in two solar flares / B. Kliem, I.E. Dammasch, W. Curdt, K. Wilhelm -- Early results from a multi-thermal model for the cooling of post-flare loops / K.K. Reeves, H.P. Warren -- Observations of moreton waves and EIT waves / K. Shibata, S. Eto, N. Narukage, H. Isobe, T. Morimoto, H. Kozu, A. Asai, T. Ishii, S. Akiyama, S. Ueno, R. Kitai, H. Kurokawa, S. Yashiro, B.J. Thompson, T. Wang, H.S. Hudson -- Search for evidence of alpha particle beams during a solar flare / J.W. Brosius -- The solar coronal origin of a slowly drifting radio pulsation feature / J.I. Khan, N. Vilmer, P. Saint-Hilaire, A.O. Benz -- Broadening mechanisms of the Ca XIX resonance line in solar flares / Y.P. Li, W.Q. Gan -- Multi-wavelength observations of Yohkoh white-light flares / S.A. Matthews, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, H.S. Hudson, N.V. Nitta -- Acceleration time scales of solar disappearing filaments / T. Morimoto, H. Kurokawa -- Flare temperatures from Fe XXV and Ca XIX: Improved atomic data / K.J.H. Phillips, J.A. Rainnie, L.K. Harra, J. Dubau, F.P. Keenan -- Multi-wavelength observation of a moreton wave on November 3, 1997 / N. Narukage, K. Shibata, H.S. Hudson, S. Eto, H. Isobe, A. Asai, T. Morimoto, H. Kozu, T.T. Ishii, S. Akiyama, R. Kitai, H. Kurokawa -- Timing and occurrence rate of X-ray plasma ejections / M. Ohyama, K. Shibata -- Intensity dynamics of an "EIT wave" observed by trace / M.J. Wills-Davey.
Section 10. Coronal mass ejections-- Use of Yohkoh SXT in measuring net current and CME productivity of active regions / D.A. Falconer, R.L. Moore, G.A. Gary -- Trajectories of microwave prominence eruptions / K. Hori, J.L. Culhane -- Nozomi observation of interplanetary transients ejected as limb coronal mass ejections / T. Nakagawa, A. Matsuoka, NOZOMI/MGF team -- On the relation between flares and CMEs / N.V. Nitta -- The force free magnetic structure inside a toroid / E.P. Romashets -- Decimetric reverse drift and U-type bursts in the April 9, 2001 flare / J.R. Cecatto, H.S. Sawant, F.C.R. Fernandes, V. Krishan, R.R. Rosa, M. Karlický -- The 1.0-4.5 GHz zebras in the June 6, 2000 flare / H.S. Sawant, M. Karlický, F.C.R. Fernandes, J.R. Cecatto -- Coronal mass ejections and interplanetary scintillation / Hari Om Vats, R.M. Jadhav, K.N. Iyer, H.S. Sawant -- Coronal mass ejections: Relationship with solar flares and coronal holes / V.K. Verma.
Section 9. Solar cycle studies -- Comparative analysis of solar neutrino data and SXT X-ray data / P.A. Sturrock, M.A. Weber -- Coronal patterns of activity from Yohkoh and SOHO/EIT data / E.E. Benevolenskaya, A.G. Kosovichev, P.H. Scherrer, J.R. Lemen, G.L. Slater -- Large-scale and long-lived coronal structures detected in limb synoptic maps / J. Li, B. LaBonte, L. Acton, G. Slater -- Long-term variation of the rotation of the solar corona / R.C. Altrock -- What are the origins of quiescent coronal soft X-rays? / C.R. Foley, J.L. Culhane, S. Patsourakos, R. Yurow, C. Moroney, D. MacKay -- Evolution of the 'gorgeous' coronal hole / A. Takeda, S. Kubo -- Excitation of the mid-and low-latitude rossby vortices at the base of the solar convection zone and formation of the complexes of activity / E. Tikhomolov -- Differential rotation of the soft x-ray corona over a solar cycle / M.A. Weber, P.A. Sturrock.
Section 12. High energy emission in flares -- Hard X-ray solar flares revealed with Yohkoh HXT-A review Review Article / S. Masuda -- Looptop and footpoint impulsive hard X-rays and stochastic electron acceleration in flares / V. Petrosian -- Soft X-ray high-temperature regions above solar flare loops / S. Akiyama, H. Hara -- Scientific results from RHESSI-A preview / A.G. Emslie -- A rapidly moving hard x-ray source in a CME / H.S. Hudson -- A simple estimate for the energies of electrons accelerated in flare current sheets on the sun / Y.E. Litvinenko -- Heavy ion acceleration in solar flares / J.A. Miller.
Summary These are the Proceedings of the Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting, a COSPAR Colloquium held in Kona, Hawaii, USA, on January 20-24, 2002. The title of the meeting was Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics. In these proceedings the many and varied advances of the dynamics solar atmosphere in the past ten years of observations by Yohkoh have been reviewed.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Language English.
Subject Yohkoh (Solar-A) Mission (Project) -- Congresses.
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Added Author Martens, P. C. H. (Petrus C. H.)
Cauffman, David P.
Other Form: Print version: Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting (2002 : Kailua Kona, Hawaii). Multi-wavelength observations of coronal structure and dynamics. 1st ed. Amsterdam ; Boston : Pergamon, 2002 0080440606 9780080440606 (DLC) 2002030794 (OCoLC)50441468
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