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Tree Crops
-- See Also Agroforestry
Here are entered works on any sustainable land use system that maintains or increases total yields by combining agricultural crops, tree crops, forest trees, and/or livestock on the same unit of land, either alternately or at the same time, using management practices that suit the social and cultural characteristics of the local people and the economic and ecological conditions of the area.
-- See Also Field crops

--specific crops, e.g. Cotton; Hay; Wheat
-- See Also Forests and forestry

--headings beginning with the words Forest and Forestry
-- See Also the narrower term Fuelwood crops
-- See Also the narrower term Multipurpose trees
Here are entered works dealing with trees which are deliberately grown or kept and managed for more than one intended use to provide economical or ecological products or services in a multipurpose land use system.
-- See Also the narrower term Tree farms
Here are entered works on forest lands industrially managed for the continuous commercial production of timber. Works on woodland areas managed as a part of a diversified farm enterprise are entered under Woodlots.
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