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implications of climate change litigation litigation for international environmental law making   2009 1
implications of cognitive load theory for multimedia learning   2005 1
implications of computers for the administration and management of higher education   1979 1
Implications of conversions to cash balance plans : United States.  2000 1
The implications of cost-effectiveness analysis of medical technology. Background paper #2, Case   3
implications of current development strategies for myanmars environment   2007 1
Implications of cyber vulnerabilities on the resilience and security of the electric grid [electroni : United States.  2008 1
Implications of different indexing choices : United States.  2006 1
Implications of Egypt's turmoil on global oil and natural gas supply : Ratner, Michael  2018 1
Implications of eliminating the Visa Waiver Program : United States.  2002 1
The implications of embodiment : cognition and communication   2011 1
Implications of emerging micro- and nanotechnologies [electronic resource] : National Research Council (U.S.).  2002 1
implications of emerging technologies on business and computer instruction   1995 1
Implications of European integration for allies' defense spending : United States.  1999 1
implications of experimental mathematics for the philosophy of mathematics   2008 1
implications of fashion desiderata of life as an artwork : Meinhold, Roman,  2013 1
The implications of flexible staffing arrangements for job security [electronic resource] : Houseman, Susan N.,  1998 1
Implications of flume slope on discharge estimates from 0.762-meter H flumes used in edge-of-field m : Komiskey, Matthew J.,  2013 1
Implications of future energy choices in the energy-water-land nexus [electronic resource] : WREF Fo   2012 1
implications of genetic testing for health and life insurance   1997 1
Implications of genomics for public health [electronic resource] : workshop summary : Hernandez, Lyla.  2005 1
Implications of global change for rangeland management ... annual report [electronic resource].   2005 1
Implications of health literacy for public health : workshop summary : Institute of Medicine (U.S.),  2014 1
implications of high stakes testing for the use of formative classroom assessment   2007 1
Implications of higher levels of wind   2010 1
The implications of immanence [electronic resource] : toward a new concept of life   2
Implications of increasing U.S. Forces in Iraq   2007 1
implications of inflammation for neuropsychiatric disease contributions and consequences   2012 1
implications of information processing theory for professional development of early educators   2012 1
implications of information vulnerabilities for military operations   1999 1
Implications of integrating women into the Marine Corps infantry   2
Implications of Iraq policy on total force readiness : hearing before the Committee on Armed Service : United States.  2008 1
implications of leadership change in the arab world   2004 1
The implications of literacy [electronic resource] : written language and models of interpretation i : Stock, Brian.  1983 1
Implications of long term defense budget trends : United States.  2010 1
implications of lsd and experimental mysticism   1972 1
implications of mass imprisonment for inequality among american children   2013 1
Implications of modern decision science for military decision-support systems : Davis, Paul K.,  2005 1
Implications of modern decision science for military decision-support systems [electronic resource] : Davis, Paul K.,  2005 1
implications of nanofiber based dds in health care   2017 1
Implications of nanotechnology for environmental health research [electronic resource]   2005 1
implications of neurosciences and brain research for music teaching and learning   2012 1
Implications of Next Generation Attenuation for National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program site c : Borcherdt, Roger D.,  2012 1
Implications of NGA for NEHRP site coefficients [electronic resource] : Borcherdt, Roger D.,  2012 1
implications of organizational influence on ethical behavior an analysis of the perceptions of publi   2009 1
Implications of other countries' reforms for the United States : United States.  1994 1
Implications of past currency crises for the U.S. current account adjustment [electronic resource] : Hung, Juann H.  2006 1
implications of policy privatization upon education : Borjian, Maryam.  2013 1
Implications of power blackouts for the nation's cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protectio : United States.  2005 1
Implications of power blackouts for the nation's cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protectio : Dacey, Robert F.  2003 1
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